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Quilling for dummies

NEVER in my life was I doing any art for long, I like, but my hands are not as good as I want them to be.
We went to Artfriend yesterday and I was attracted to the quilling sets. I wanted to buy, but Mike told me not to, just buy the paper, which I did. Since today's raining, I spent my entire day at home, doing nothing but quilling. He made some simple tools which were very helpful.

I seriously have not heard of quilling before. Forgive me for being such a suaku.
I have to say if Anny can do it, any dummies will be able to do this(and even better job than Anny!). It's really fun.
Here are some links to some professional work * I love this site, how did they do it??*

Mike commented, he has never seen me so interested in something *giggle*

Edited to include more, also pinched the balloons a little since so many complained that they look like flowers *roll eyes*

It's been raining these few days, pls remember to bring your umbrella.

Work done on 15th/16th Jan

16th Jan - one last one before i sleep - for love, luck, faith n hope

18th Jan - this little crab is made for Ryan, he loves green n he loves animals

19th Jan - my little angel

28 Jan - gong xi fa cai

2nd to 5th Feb - Jon jon's showcase

Rocket on left

Aeroplane on right

flowers i made when i was in hospital on 24th Feb - how approporiate

my little st james school boy - damn difficult to make, thus explains y it's so messy, cos i was trying to create the stripes of shirt - 2nd March

developed this craze to quill schoolboys - introducing Jonathan Lee - 3rd March

for the little ones who are on their way to the world - 4th march

For Dayne's guadian angel - Mar 2006

For Carine's Birthday - June 2006 ( I just realised i have not been quilling!)

A little something for my boss and his wife, they have played a very important part in my religious journey - June 2006

Veron's birthday present, can u imagine? her bd's on 12th of May, it's overdue :P - June 2006

Hybrid of ant-eater cum elephant *giggle* - June 2006

林亚珍2006不倒翁版 - june 2006

Sept 17th - Happy Birthday to Gabe and Kris :)

Sept 23rd - Happy birthday to Lily from the rest of the mother ducks

Sep 30th - Alex's birthday, supposed to be Lightning Mcqueen, but i think it looks more like ninj turtle :S i am so consoled when dayne came shouting "Lightning Mcqueen!!"\

5th oct - another elephant made for a special little fren :)

11th Oct - For our fav Royce gorgor who is a ele-fanatic

13th Oct - Happy birthday Ryan

25th oct - another big project completed for Jon for his birthday

26th Oct - Lily ah lily, I am waiting for u to reveal the name of princess !

3rd Nov - M&M's housewarming gift

5th Nov - Dayne's school

17 Nov - combined effort of angeline n me

Angeline's birthday gift

Started making these snowmen long time ago, but only manage to get them into the right packaging today - 8th Dec

Laura's Xmas gift

Carine's Xmas gift

Lily's Xmas gift

Rachel's Xmas gift

Angeline's Xmas gift

2007 1st Jan - Happy Birthday Laura, n caleb!

10th March - a little token of appreciation for Dr Tan

16th March - a little something for my confinement nany, and Cole happens to be her last baby before she retires

16th March - my little nephew Hugo

23rd March - a watch for Rachel belated present with her "gum cha"

23rd March - another watch for a friend

7th April - cupcake for Mong

27th April - specially for uniclycommon For luck

10th May - Little Elpis' birthday present with little farm animals to match the theme party

11th July - Happy Birthday Ashley

14th July for 2 yrs i did not make anything fr Joshua, so this is it, Happy Birthday Josua darling

20th July _ a present for Emily who loves clown

16th Aug - a card for my sponsored kid from World Vision

28th Aug Teacher's day gift for Dayne's teacher - Auntie Sarah

Auntie Ivy

Auntie Aileen

Gregory's present many months without quilling, really a good indication of how unhappy I was
2nd Dec A quill i owe mathtoyz for a long time

2nd Dec A simple one for Steve on his birthday

15th Dec - Xmas card for my sponsored child

14th July 08 - So Happy! I finally got my butt moving again!

21st July - First quill ever made for myself, started 7 mths ago, stopped totally then finished within a day after i picked up quilling again, thanks to my MIL, if not for her , i think I would have let it seat there forever.

Guess who is Mr Grumpy?

2nd Aug - I have been itching to finish this asap since monday, but i just did not dare to do so, cos I was dead tired after work

A request from Carine for her colleague who is retiring soon

23 Aug 08 - first resin cast

5th Sep - First cross pattern

3rd November - Daruma doll

Helpng Lena to quill for Ethan's dance teacher - 1st May

a gift for KM - 1st May ( very loing time never quill for "fun"

15th May - for baby ashley

It's a season of babies - 18 May for my little nephew

my 2nd Cross for Lily

Engagement present

This is made for a very nice n sweet customer who enjoys looking at our quills. We are grateful to have a male customer who appreciates our work. So we made this on his request for a colleague who has retired.

2009 Christmas gift for Father Remi

2009 Christmas gift for Father Suyono

2009 Christmas gift for Father Anthony

Dec 31st 2009 Family tree frame for Carine

after a long while! Family tree for Michelle March 7th 2010 it's been 4 years already? wow
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